Monster Ethnica is your ultimate companion for crafting music with diverse world instruments!

With Monster Ethnica, you can explore a myriad of ethnic instruments from around the world, and crafted to perfection to deliver breathtaking sound quality.

Immerse yourself in the hypnotic melodies of Indonesian Gamelan, the haunting tunes of Scottish Bagpipes (someday!), and the pulse-pounding rhythms of African percussion (someday!). Whether you need to add an exotic flair to your music or create a unique sound that stands out, Monster Ethnica has got you covered.

Join the league of music producers who rely on Monster Ethnica as their go-to virtual instrument for creating authentic and captivating music. Try it out today and unleash your creativity like never before!

2 New Presets of Monster Ethnica (April 2023)

As of April 2023, we have added two new presets: Kecapi Sunda and Kulcapi Karo, which are showcased here:

Listen to the all presets demo sound of the new Monster Ethnica presets

Q : If I have previous version, should I download all files again ?

A : Yes, you should because there are some bug fixes and preset names changed to mirror the velocity switch (read below on “Monster Ethnica Version History” section).

One of the most exciting things about Monster Ethnica is that it’s an ever-evolving virtual instrument. With continuous expansion updates, you’ll always have access to new and exciting sounds that will inspire your creative genius.

Indonesian ethnic musicians have graciously donated their sampling for free to the Monster Ethnica library. Their generosity is a testament to their passion for music and their desire to help fellow producers create exceptional music without breaking the bank.

Although Monster Ethnica currently showcases Indonesian instruments (because I live in Indonesia), it’s not limited to them. If you have an ethnic instrument and can play and record it, we welcome your donation to expand our library further. Let’s make Monster Ethnica the complete solution for producers and arrangers worldwide!

Get in touch with us today through Instagram or facebook and be a part of the global movement to create a more inclusive and diverse music production landscape!

Welcome to my free virtual instrument plugin page. I’m Agus Hardiman and the maker of this MonsterDAW plugin!

Monster Ethnica is under the MonsterDAW name that was previously on the website (all of the VSTs there will be moved later to this AHTV blog).

Notes: MonsterDAW is a brand owned by me, Agus Hardiman, the host of this AHTV Blog

Monster Ethnica Sound Demo

diDDi AGePe made a unique music composition titled ‘Borneo’ with the story about the threat of extinction of the Orang Utan in Kalimantan a.k.a Borneo of Indonesia. He used the SAPEK preset from #MonsterEthnicaVST :

A demo of Angklung preset of Monster Ethnica. Music credit by Brian Joe :

Stamatis Stabos made a detailed installation video of Monster Ethnica and made a cool and unique music with it:

Indonesia’s leading brand, Shopee, uses Angklung preset from Monster Ethnica in their ad campaign, listen it here:

Alberto Smargiasso made a nice 80’s music vibe with Monster Ethnica (and other MonsterDAW plugins: Monster Bass, Monster Drum, Monster Piano, Monster Synth, and Monster Voxana):

Ferry from West Kalimantan of Indonesia in his Youtube channel Sang Suanang use preset Talempong and preset Sapek of Monster Ethnica to craft this beautiful music piece:

If you feel like making a review/sound demo of this, please let me know via the CONTACT page of this AHTV Blog or just mention it on social media. I’ll consider putting your video here!

Monster Ethnica Features (v2-2023.04)

  • 2 new presets, Kecapi Sunda and Kulcapi Karo from Indonesia.
  • Bug fixes of the previous version which the Reverb knob is not working.
  • Change preset names to mirror the velocity switch (Preset Sapek and Suling Melayu).
  • Dozens of exotic-sounding presets. The current version is v2-2023.04 with 13 Presets (This will be updated regularly, please sign-up for my newsletter in this AHTV blog HOMEPAGE to be notified of updates).
  • Global Volume, ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), and Reverb.
  • Parameter Automation to dynamically change sounds that fit your music (Read below on ‘How To Automate Monster Ethnica Parameters‘).
  • Soundbank/Presets can be placed on an external hard disk, no need to place it in a startup drive (Read step #4 below on ‘Monster Ethnica Download Links and Installation Steps‘).
  • Parameter/Knob value is reset by double-clicking it.
  • A new expansion sounds preset will be released/updated regularly every now and then. Make sure you sign-up for my newsletter in this AHTV blog HOMEPAGE to be notified of updates.
  • Major plugin format: Windows 64bit DAW, Mac VST, and Mac Audio Unit (AU). If you’re a Pro Tools user, please use BlueCat Patchwork to use this VST in your PT.

Monster Ethnica Download Links and Installation Steps

Monster Ethnica doesn’t have an installer so you have to place the files manually. Follow these steps carefully:

1. Download The Monster Ethnica MAIN Player

Click and download one of the FREE main player of Monster Ethnica according to your OS (Mac or Windows) and the plugin formats (VST or Audio Unit):

These are the alternative download links if the above failed (Google Drive):

2. Unzip and Put It In Your DAW’s Plugin Folder

Unzip the download files and put the main file (.vst3 or .component or .dll) in your DAW’s plugin folder (Googling “daw plugin location mac windows”).

3. Download The Monster Ethnica’s Library

Download this Library file:

This is the alternative download links if the above failed (Google Drive):

Unzip it and put it into any folder/external hard disk (But don’t change the folder structure in the original zip file).

4. Insert Monster Ethnica and Choose Library Location

Fire up your DAW and insert the MONSTER Ethnica plugin (usually under AgusHardiman.TV folder/brand).

Click “Choose folder” to change the soundbank/preset location and point it out to the folder location of Monster Ethnica Library:

Let Monster Ethnica/Drum/Synth/Voxana know where you store its Library files

5. Play and Record!

If step #4 succeded, you are now can choose a preset and go play and record:

Click the Preset box and choose a selection of Presets based on instrument types

How To Automate Monster Ethnica Parameters?

In Cubase, after inserting the Monster Ethnica plugin, you have to open the automation lane (I’m using Monster Synth as the example):

MONSTER Synth - How To Draw Automation in Cubase
Monster Ethnica/Synth/Voxana/Drum parameter automation in DAW Steinberg Cubase

In Studio One, go to the Piano Roll and add the parameters to automate (I’m using Monster Synth as the example):

Monster Ethnica/Synth/Voxana/Drum parameter automation in DAW Presonus Studio One

In other DAWs, find a way/googling on how to add automation lanes/tracks.

FAQ About Monster Ethnica

Q : I have installed Monster Ethnica version 1. Should I delete that version or keep it ?

A : If you have some important project sessions with version 1, you should keep it. It will not clash with the new version 2. On my computer, I have version 1 and version 2, side-by-side. This version 2 has more presets and sub-presets.

Q : I want XXX and YYY features of Monster Ethnica, can you program it?

A : To be honest, I’m a professional musician and audio educator BUT I’m not a professional plugin programmer. I do this just for fun, so your request may not be available (but you can always try to ask me via the CONTACT page).

Q : Why there is no VST 32-bit versions anymore?

A : In the past, I made a 32-bit version of my VST. But now my programming software CAN’T output 32-bit plugin anymore, so I’m not providing 32-bit.

Q : I have a problem using this plugin on my Mac, I’m using Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina or new Mac OSX. It says that the files are damaged or can’t be opened because the developer is not trusted.

A : That problem was caused by Mac OS security which now is very strict. I have applied for a developer account in Apple to be a trusted developer but they haven’t responded to my inquiry yet.

In the meantime, please use Chris Kenrick’s PlugDeQuar apps that basically de-quarantine Monster Ethnica plugin. Download it here:

Watch the How To video here (Please subscribe him too):

Chris Kenrick explain how to use his PlugDeQuar apps to de-quarantine plugins

Q : This site is flag as containing virus / malware etc. Is this site and the download files are safe ?

A : Some anti-virus like Norton reported false alarm. Even Chrome does this too (sometimes). But you can check my site in Google’s own Transparency Check or Safe Site Check here :

AgusHardiman.TV (This site) is a Safe Site according to Google’s Transparency Report

Monster Ethnica Preset Contributors

The majority of presets in Monster Ethnica were programmed by me, Agus Hardiman, but the sampling was donated by my Indonesian friend. I’m open to collaboration. If you have some cool ethnic sound you originally recorded, hit me up HERE or via my Instagram or facebook!

Here is the list of the contributors:

Taganing Batak : Viky Sianipar. Gendang Melayu : Dedi Santoso. Gamelan Bali and Kendang Sunda : Deva Permana. Talempong : Ahmad Zaidi. Kolintang : Gamelan Jawa : Ronald Hutasuhut. Sapek : Helmy Trianggara. Suling Melayu : Adi. Pan Flute : Mr.Ahmad, Kecapi Sunda : Mr. Usep Baros, Kulcapi Karo : Diego Perananta Ginting.

Monster Ethnica Version History

Version v2-2023.04 (released on April 24th, 2023):
  • 2 new presets, Kecapi Sunda and Kulcapi Karo from Indonesia.
  • Fix Reverb Knob not working on all of Monster Ethnica presets in previous release.
  • In Sapek preset, changed Slide FX from velocity 127 to 116-127. This is also reflected in the preset name so the user knows which velocity some articulation responds to.
  • In Suling Melayu preset, changed Hard Blow from velocity 127 to 116-127. And Glide FX from velocity 127 to 116-127. This is also reflected in the preset name so the user knows which velocity some articulation responds to.
Version v2-2022.07 (released on July 28th, 2022):
  • New feature: Preset Management to group the sound into categories.
  • Presets categorize by 3 types : Percussion, Stringed, and Wind Instruments.
  • New presets : Gamelan Bali (Indonesia), Kendang Sunda (Indonesia), Taganing Batak (Indonesia), Talempong (Indonesia), Kolintang (Indonesia), Gamelan Jawa (Indonesia), and Pan Flute (Romania).
  • New sub-preset for old presets of Angklung Sunda.
Version v1 (released on July 6th, 2021):
  • New presets : Angklung Sunda (Indonesia), Suling Melayu (Indonesia), Gendang Melayu, and Sapek (Indonesia).

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