It was one of the worst eras of time when Covid strike globally.

A lot of things changed and so do the music business and music production.

In my home country Indonesia, I have been in music production since 1985 (good old tape days) and have had an audio school (ArtSonica) since 2006.

I wrote the first book about Computer Music in Indonesia back in 2000 and it opened the eyes of many of Indonesia’s musicians to know computer-based music production.  

My Music Digital book sold 6000 in Indonesia

I’m doing music arrangements, jingles, audio webinars, and everything audio too.

In 2014, Steinberg appointed me as Steinberg Certified Trainer, the 1st in Indonesia.

I have a YouTube channel about music production in the Indonesian language that has 80,000 subscribers. It’s YT ArtSonica.

So after this long journey, I decided to explore the global community of music production.

So this site, AgusHardimanTV or AHTV was born at 2022.02.22 !

I choose that cute date so I can remember its birth ?

If you read this far, I want to welcome you to my humble home, the AHTV blog, a place for me to help fellow Home Studio Warriors in your journey in these hard times.

Me in my Home studio

So ENJOY this site and see you!