Welcome to my free virtual instrument plugin page. I’m Agus Hardiman and the maker of this MonsterDAW plugin!

MONSTER SYNTH is a free synth plugin with many cool sounds that you may not find in other synth plugins.

This is an update of old version 1 (2022.04, released in March 2020). It’s now version 2.2022.10, released in October 2022 (but the actual release date is late due to the additional dark skin, see below).

To be useful for a lot of people (and to me because I’m also a music producer), besides that unique presets, I programmed some ‘common’ presets too ?

It’s a ROMPLER (=sample playback) synth plugin with a few basic sets of synthesizer parameters.

On the other hand, because it’s a rompler, this plugin is so light-weight in CPU load compared to most synth plugins out there.

Monster Synth is under the MonsterDAW name that was previously on the www.monsterdaw.com website (all of the VSTs there are now moved to this AHTV blog).

Notes: MonsterDAW is a brand owned by me, Agus Hardiman, the host of this AHTV Blog

Monster Synth Features

Here are some features of Monster Synth version 2.2022.10:

  • Lightweight and doesn’t consume much CPU like any other synth (It’s because this is a sample-based synth).
  • 200 presets ! I know presets numbers are useless unless the sound is good (I hope all the presets are useful to you as a music maker).
  • There are 12 preset categories: Bass, Bell, Brass, Hit, Lead, Mallet, Pad, Pluck, Riser, Strings, Vox, and Weird SFX (Listen to all 200 presets in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlBtJhSIkfY).
  • Preset description and preset tips for ideas on how to tailor the sound to your liking.
  • Level Meter dan Master Volume.
  • Volume envelope: ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release) to adjust the sound to your taste.
  • LFO Waveform, Source, and Destination for cool FX of the sound (For example, making Panning FX when you use the Mod Wheel of your MIDI controller).
  • Three (3) Voice Mode: Mono, Poly, and Legato. When in Mono Mode, you can adjust the Glide knob for sliding FX.
  • Filter Cutoff: High-Pass or Low-Pass with Frequency knob to make the sound brighter or duller/bassier.
  • Four (4) Effects: Reverb, Distortion, Chorus, and Delay, each with its own parameters and Mix knob.
  • Available in major plugins format: VST2, VST3 (Windows 64bit), and VST2, VST3, Audio Unit (Mac 64bit) for Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Ableton Live, Reaper, Studio One, Garage Band, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Bitwig Studio, MixCraft, Reason, Tracktion, and many more (Yes, I have to mention the DAW names because some user still asking me what DAW are compatible with this plugin ?)
    Notes: If you use 32bit DAW, you can use JBridge to convert my 64bit plugin to 32bit. If you use Pro Tools, you can use Blue Cat’s PatchWorks to convert my plugin to AAX format. If you are a Linux user, some user reported that they had succeded using my plugin in Linux using some kind of converter (just googling it).

Monster Synth Sound Demo

I made this video demo of all 200 presets. it’s a long video (45+ minutes) so you can use the video TOC to skip to some parts:

Listen to all Monster Synth presets in a single video!

EZ YouTube channel has done a great job showcasing Monster Synth presets (sound demo starts at 4:02) :

C.j. Reed in his SumnSumnSumn HTK YouTube channel showcased Monster Synth with his cool music :

Zion The Messenger made a very good video walkthrough of him using Monster Synth (and Monster Drum) to make a Dancehall Beat:

Horcruxbeats made a 200 presets playthrough and he seems to enjoy my plugin ?, here’s the video:

If you are a Youtuber and made a review of this version, please let me know, and I will put your video in here!

Monster Synth Skins

There are 2 skins, light and dark skin:

The light skin was designed by @redjoyreza a.k.a Crimson Merry and the dark skin was designed by @hendratno.penok a.k.a Nano (Thanks).

You can choose the skin that you like in the download section below.

Monster Synth Download Links and Installation Steps

Monster Synth doesn’t have an installer so you have to place the files manually. Follow these 5 steps carefully:

1. Download The Monster Synth MAIN Player

Click and download one of the FREE main player of Monster Synth according to your OS (Mac or Windows) and the plugin formats (VST or Audio Unit):

These are the alternative download links if the above failed (Google Drive):

Notes: If the download fails, it means the server is busy or over quota, please try another time!

2. Unzip and Put It In Your DAW’s Plugin Folder

Unzip the download files and put the main file (.vst3 or .component or .dll) in your DAW’s plugin folder (Googling “daw plugin location mac windows”).

3. Download The Monster Synth’s Library

Download this Library file:

These are the alternative download links if the above failed (Google Drive):

Notes: If the download fails, it means the server is busy or over quota, please try another time!

Unzip the library files and put it into any folder/external hard disk (But don’t change the folder structure in the original zip file).

4. Insert Monster Synth and Choose Library Location

Fire up your DAW and insert the MONSTER Synth plugin (usually under AgusHardiman.TV folder/brand).

Click “Choose folder” to change the soundbank/preset location and point it out to the folder location of Monster Synth Library:

Let Monster Synth know where you store its Library files

5. Play and Record!

If step #4 succeded, you are now can choose a preset and go play and record:

Click the Preset Name section to select a Preset

How To Automate Monster Synth Parameters?

In Cubase, after inserting the Monster Synth plugin, you have to open the automation lane:

MONSTER Synth - How To Draw Automation in Cubase
Monster Synth parameter automation in DAW Steinberg Cubase

In Studio One, go to the Piano Roll and add the parameters to automate:

Monster Synth parameter automation in DAW Presonus Studio One

In other DAWs, find a way/googling on how to add automation lanes/tracks.

FAQ About Monster Synth

Q : I want XXX and YYY features of Monster Synth, can you program it?

A : To be honest, I’m professional musician and audio educator BUT I’m not a professional plugin programmer. I do this just for fun, so your request may not be available (but you can always try to ask me via CONTACT page).

Q : Why there are no VST 32 bit version anymore?

A : It is because my programming software can’t export 32bit plugin anymore. You can use JBridge to convert my 64bit plugin to 32bit.

Q : I have a problem using this plugin on my Mac, I’m using Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina. It says that the files are damaged or can’t be open because the developer is not trusted.

A : That problem was caused by Mac OS security which now is very strict. I have applied for a developer account in Apple to be a trusted developer but they haven’t responded to my inquiry yet.

In the meantime, please watch these videos (If this is not working, it’s ok, you can pass my VSTs ?):

Or read these articles:

Monster Synth Preset Contributors

The majority of presets in Monster Synth were programmed by me, Agus Hardiman, but I’m open to collaboration. If you have some cool synth sound that you programmed, hit me up HERE!

Here’s the list of people/producers/musicians who contribute some presets:

  • X-Gassanov Fuad (IG: xdj_gassanov): [LEAD] 17 Saw Monster & [LEAD] 18 Trance Hell Demon.

Monster Synth Version History

Version 2.2022.10 (released on November 8th, 2022):
  • New 100 presets in 12 categories (Now the total of the presets is 200).
  • Three (3) new effects besides Reverb: Distortion, Chorus, and Delay.
Version 1.2022.04 (released on April 30th, 2022):
  • New feature: Parameter Automation within your DAW.
  • New feature: Preset Management to group the sound into categories.
  • 100 Presets in 9 sound categories.

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