If you are a beginner in piano/keyboard playing, I assemble you some guidance on it.

Before you dive into it, here’s me playing Jacob Collier’s piano improvisation:

These are what you should or should not do when playing piano/keyboard:

  1. DON’T Play Chords In The LOW REGISTER AREA!
  2. DON’T Just Play ROOT Chords All The Time!
  3. DON’T Play Like A Full Band!
  4. DON’T Play The SAME Chord POSITION On Both Hands!
  5. DON’T Play Against The Guitarist!
  6. DON’T Use The TRANSPOSE Button!
  7. DON’T Always Play The 3rd Note Of The Chords!
  9. DO Play Different Rhythms On Both Hands!
  10. DO Play VARIATIONS Of The Chords!
  11. DO Play LONG Chords when Music Is Busy!
  12. DO Play With SUSTAIN PEDAL!
  13. DO Play Interesting Variations!

If you want to learn more about these, watch this video:

Hope it helps you in learning music!