It’s about time!

After 22 years of using a hardware dongle, Cubase finally get rid of it.

Remember this printer port (25 pins) dongle?

The dongle of Cubase VST/32 5.0

And then came this:

Newer Cubase dongle

It was a pain in the ass. I remember getting paranoid and keeping it in my wallet.

At one time, I lost my dongle and there goes all my licenses of Cubase 4, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Bassist, Groove Agent, Halion, The Grand, etc.

If I recall correctly, those are the times when there’s no zero downtime.

If you lose the dongle, then you’re screwed. You have to buy the license again (OMG).

The problem is, with the dongle as protection, some hackers can still crack it (I remember my students using cracked version Cubase 5. And then the version 9 etc.

So, in 2022, it’s good news that Cubase 12 lose it.

In fact, they give 1 license with 3 activations so I can use it on 3 computers. Very convenient!

Kudos to Steinberg for this even though it takes too long for them to do this.

What do you take on this?